XQISIT Galaxy Note8 Slim Wallet Case

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Your phone and your wallet are some of the most important things you take with you when you go out the door, the XQISIT Slim Wallet for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has combined those two things. The case’s elegant faux leather exterior conceals a robust, polycarbonate shell providing increased impact protection. Its inner flap reveals conveniently placed pockets for sorting your cards and bills, making the Slim Wallet a very practical case.

Height 6.4 inches
Width 2.94 inches
Depth 0.34 inches
Weight 3.17 ounces
Screen Protector Included No
Case Materials Vegan Leather, Polycarbonate
Defining Features •Card slots and a pocket allows you to store credit cards and bills •Robust, integrated hard shell for increased protection •Magnetic closure to ensure case stays securely closed •Synthetic leather exterior •Easy access to all ports